Jeonju International Film Festival

Dates: April 28th - May 7th, 2016
Place: Jeonju, South Korea

Launched in 2000, Jeonju International Film Festival is one of the biggest Asian film festivals and the most important supporter of experimental and adventurous projects in Korea. JIFF is often compared with Busan IFF. While Busan IFF pursues economies of scale and aims to become ‘Cannes’ in Asia, Jeonju sets its stance more of Locarno or Rotterdam IFF. While Busan IFF attracts its audience with ‘bling-bling’ tourists’ spots in Haeundae, Busan that about half its audience are tourists, Jeonju is a traditionally beautiful city like Firenze, Italy that JIFF allures hard-core, serious moviegoers with the quality of its films. (Korean Film Biz Zone)

2013 Edition - (May 1st - 10th)
05.27.2013 - Jeonju International Film Festival - Press Release 27/02/2013

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