Film Festivals

Welcome to the "Film Festivals Section" here you will find the latest information about asian festivals. After an investigation we found out that there are approximately 150 festivals during the year in different asian countries. Since we can´t track all of them we decided to cut the list. Here are the 50 Asian Film Festival that Film Focus will focus.

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Melbourne Queer Film Festival Melbourne Mar. 31st - Apr 11st Still to come
Human Rights Arts & Film Festival Various Cities 5 May - 8 June Still to come
Sydney Film Festival Sydney June 8th - 19th Still to come
Melbourne International Film Festival Melbourne July 28th - August 14th Still to come
Melbourne Underground Film Festival Melbourne September 9th - 17th Still to come
Canberra Short Film Festival Canberra * September  No dates
Tasmania Bofa Film Festival Launceston November 10th - 13th Still to come
Canberra International Film Festival Canberra * November No dates

Beijing International Film Festival Beijing April 19th - 21st Still to come
Shanghai International Film Festival Shanghai June 11st - 19th Still to come
Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival Guangzhou * December No dates

Hong Kong
Hong Kong International Film Festival Hong Kong March 21st - April 4th In Progress

The Bangalore Queer Film Festival Bangalore February 25th - 28th Finished
Mumbai Film Festival Mumbai October 20th - 27th Still to come
Kolkata International Film Festival Kolkata * November No dates
International Film Festival of India New Delhi * November  No dates
Mumbai Women´s International Film Festival Mumbai * December No dates
International Film Festival of Kerala Kerala * December  No dates

Jogia NETPAC Asian Film Festival Yogyakarta * December No dates

Okinawa International Film Festival Okinawa April 21st - 24th Still to come
Skip City International D-Cinema Festival Saitama July 16th - 24th Still to come
International Animation Festival Hiroshima August 18th -22th Still to come
Aichi International Women´s Film Festival Aichi September 7th - 11th Still to come
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival Yamagata - No dates for 2016
Tokyo International Film Festival Tokyo October 25th - Nov. 3rd Still to come

Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival Kota Kinabalu July 8th - 17th Still to come
Freedom Film Fest Saitama August 20th - 28th Still to come

New Zealand
Documentary Edge Festival Various Cities May 4th - 29th Still to come
Wairoa Maori Film Festival Palmerston North June 3rd - 6th Still to come
New Zealand International Film Festival Various Cities July 14th - Sep 18th Still to come

World Premieres Film Festival Manila June 29th - July 10th Still to come
Cinemalaya Manila * August No dates
Cebu International Documentary Film Festival Cebu * August No dates
QCinema International Film Festival Quenzon City * October No dates
Cinema One Originals Manila * November No dates

Singapore International Film Festival Singapore * November No dates
Screen Singapore Singapur * December No dates

South Korea
Busan International Short Film Festival Busan April 22th - 26th Still to come
Jeonju International Film Festival Jeonju April 28th - May 7th Still to come
Green Film Festival in Seoul Seoul May 6th - 12th Still to come
Seoul International Women’s Film Festival Seoul June 2nd - 8th Still to come
Busan International Kids Film Festival Busan * July No dates
DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival Goyang September 22th - 29th Still to come
Busan International Film Festival Busan October 6th - 15th Still to come
Asiana International Short Film Festival Seoul * November No dates

Taiwan International Children´s Film Festival Taipei March 31st - April 7th Still to come
Taipei Film Festival Taipei June 30th - July 16 Still to come
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Taipei * November No dates

World Film Festival of Bangkok Bangkok November4th - 11th Still to come

Hanoi International Film Festival Hanoi * November No dates

* -  Dates for 2016 has not been established