Mumbai Woman´s International Film Festival

Dates: December, 2016
Place: Mumbai, India

Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival (MWIFF) is a 8-Day film festival, organized by Oculus Creations(a division of Dollphins Interactive Sciences Pvt.Ltd), to bring forth the Women of the industry at an international level.

MWIFF is not about showing women in front of the camera, enacting her limitations by the society, but it is about breaking those limitations and showing what she can do, and bring it all with perfection.

MWIFF is dedicated to bring out such powerful women from our film industry and give them the spotlight they have always deserved. The festival seeks to exhibit the creative minds of the so-called weaker sex, to showcase the vision of their own, by themselves, through short films, documentaries, public service announcements (PSA) and feature films.

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