February 8, 2011

Road to the Oscars - Winter´s Bone

Director: Debra Granik
Writers: Debra Granik (screenplay), Anne Rosellini (screenplay), Daniel Woodrell (novel)
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Isaiah Stone, Ashlee Thompson, Valerie Richards
Music: Dickon Hinchliffe
Production: USA, 2010
Release Date: January 2010
Runtime: 100 Minutes
IMDB Link: Winter´s Bone


Ree Dolly is a 17-year-old girl that lives with her family in a very poor and small rural area. With a mother suffering from deep depression, Ree has to take care of her little brothers and keep their family together.

One day the local Sheriff shows up at her door looking for her father, suspected of dealing with drugs. Apparently, he had put their house as warrant for his bail and in a few days, he must attend trail, otherwise they would lose the house. Ree knew that her father was involved with drug dealers and the local meth manufacturers. She says to the police that she will find her father.

As she starts searching for him, the drug dealers advices her to stop making questions. Even her father´s brother, Teardrop, tells her that if she continues asking too many questions she could end up dead. Not accepting the idea of losing their house and eventually the custody of her brothers, she will start knocking door after door and getting into places that could put her life in danger.

Review (Warning it may contain spoilers)

Winter´s bone is the kind of movie that will capture your attention from the beginning. The plot is very interesting and the film does a good job in creating a dark and mysterious atmosphere that is carry throughout the movie. The film is based on the book, ”Winter´s bone”, written by Daniel Woodrell.

From the begging of the movie, you can sense that all the characters are into something illegal. The surrounding of their houses are full of old cars and garbage, very suspicious. Their attitude towards Ree is mysteriously aggressive. It´s seems that nobody wants to be link to her father disappearance. However, you can´t really decide who is good or bad, all they want is not to draw the attention on themselves. The movie tension grows as Ree is close to the truth.

The portrait done by Jennifer Lawrence is great; you can really fell Ree´s anguish, who is force to find her father. Despite being a strong character, Ree succumbs to the desperation of thinking that she could lose her family but her determination and willingness will arrive to the truth.

Winter´s Bone is a complete film that has a good chance to win the Oscar for Best Picture.

By Sebastián Nadilo

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