February 9, 2015

Takeshi Kitano is back!

Takeshi Kitano, one of Japan´s most well-known movie director, has release his latest movie called “Ryuzo to Shichinin no Kobuntachi” (literally “Ryuzo and His Seven Henchmen”). The movie was screened on January 25th in some cinemas theaters around Tokyo.

Kitano is probably one of the best directors to recreate the Yakuza underground world. The director had used this topic in many of his productions but only this time he is back to the big screen with a comedy film.

The movie tells the story of Ryuzo an ex Yakuza member that is currently retired from the underground world and is living a peaceful life. Only one day he gets scammed by an online “phishing” campaign. Decided to teach these people a lesson he calls his old buddies from the Yakuza to plan his revenge.

This movie refresh Kitano´s filmography as his latest comedy film was “Kantoku Banzai!” (Glory to the Filmmaker!) done in 2007. For this new movie that was in production for three years the director decided to cast mature actors. The main leading character “Ryuzo” is play by the well-known actor Fuji Tatsuya.

Trailer (Japanese Only)

Sebastián Nadilo

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