April 4, 2015

Industy report Korean Cinema (March 2015)

We present the third industry report on the South Korean Cinema.


It is estimated that more than 11 million people attend the cinemas on March. Ticket sale overpass the $80 million dollars. Korean Films were watched by almost 4 million people and had a revenue of $27 million dollars. Foreign Films were able to sell more than 7 million tickets with a revenue of $53 million dollars. Korean films got only the 34,51% of the market and Foreign films the other 65,49%.

If we compare the numbers from this month with the ones obtained in 2014 we can see that the industry had a decrease. The total number of admissions descend 9%, rising $6 million dollars less. One important thing to highlight is that there was an increase of 9% in admissions on Korean films compared to last year. But despite this Foreign films were able to get most of the market (65.49% of admissions).

Movie Release

The Korean Films release this month that gather most viewers were: “Twenty” (N.E.W) directed by Lee Byeong-Hun with 1.351.513 admissions; “The Deal” (9ers Entertainment) directed by Son Yong-Ho with 848.016 spectators, and “Granny´s Got Talent” (N.E.W) directed by Shin Han-Sol with 517.200 admissions. On the other hand the most watched Foreign Films were; “Whiplash” by Damien Chazelle with 1.266.394 admissions, “Cinderella” by Kenneth Branagh with 602.321 admissions, and “Chappie” by Neill Blomkamp with 570.638 spectators.

Most watched films

This month the most watched film was “Kingsman: The Secret Service” by Matthew Vaughn with 2.609.191 admissions. On second place was the Korean comedy “Twenty” directed by Lee Byeong-Hun with 1.351.513 admissions. “Whisplash” from Damien Chazelle grab the third place with 1.255.462 admissions. On fourth place “The Deal” directed by by Son Yong-Ho with 848.016 spectators. “Cinderella” by Kenneth Branagh was watched by 602.321 spectators.

Top 5 Korean Films (March 2015)

Top 5 Foreign Films (March 2015)

By Sebastián Nadilo

About this report:
This report was made using the information on KoBiz (Korean Film Biz Zone) web page. This special organization is link to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. The data use in this report was gathered on Wednesday April 1st, 2015.

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