September 19, 2015

Industry report on Korean Cinema (August 2015)

Veteran by Ryoo Seung-Wan – South Korea| 2015
We present the monthly industry report on South Korean Cinema.


August usually is the month with the highest activity for the industry and this year there was no surprise. More than 30 million people went to the South Korean cinemas with a total sales that reached the $ 200 million dollars. Since February the foreign films gather most of the audience but this month things changed. Korean Films were watched by more than 21 million people (68 % of the market) with sales that over pass the $130 million dollars. On the other had Foreign Films were watched by 9.7 million people and got sales for $ 63 million dollars. The big change in the audience distribution can be attributed to the highly awaited films release this month.

Compared to last year there were a small decrease (-4.61 %) of the total admissions. Korean films also show a decrease of -16.48 %. On the other hand Foreign Films show an increase on the total admissions. Sales compared to last year also show a decrease of almost $30 million dollars.

Movie Release
Veteran - The Beauty Inside – Wonderful Nightmare

This month the most watched Korean Films were: “Veteran” (CJ) directed by Ryoo Seung-wan with 10.939.036 spectators, “The Beauty Inside” (Contents Panda) directed by Baek Jong-yeol with 1.450.511 admissions, and “Wonderful Nightmare” (M-Line Distribution) by Kang Hyo-jin with 863.692 spectators. As for the Foreign Films: “Detective Conan: Sunflowers of Inferno” (Japan) directed by Kobun Shizuno with 470.021 admissions, “Fantastic 4” (US) by Josh Trank with 394.771, and “American Ultra” (US) by Norizadeh Nima with 137.382.

Most Watched Films

This month the most watched movies were: “Veteran” (CJ) directed by Ryoo Seung-wan with more than 10 million admissions. In second place we have “Assassination” (Showbox) directed by Choi Dong-Hoon with 6.8 million admissions. In third place “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” (US) by Christopher McQuarrie with 5.1 million. Then we have “Minions” (US) by Pierre Coffin & Kyle Balda with 2 million. Lastly we have “The Beauty Inside” (Contents Panda) directed by Baek Jong-yeol with 1.4 million admissions.

Top 5 Korean Films (August 2015)

Top 5 Foreign Films (August 2015)

By Sebastián Nadilo

About this report:
This report was made using the information on KoBiz (Korean Film Biz Zone) web page. This special organization is link to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea.

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