October 14, 2015

1st Argentine Film Festival in the Philippines

For the first time there will be an Argentine Film Festival in the city of Manila, here some information about this awesome event.

The 1st Argentine Film Festival will take place from the 29 to 31 of October in the Shang Cineplex located in the Mandaluyong City. This even is organized by the Argentinian Embassy in the Philippines, Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), and the Shang Cineplex. The admission is free. Seats are on a first-come, first-severed basis. Tickets will be release 30 minutes before the screening time.


The Queen (La Reina)
De Manuel Abramovich – Argentina | 2013 – 20 minutes

Memi prepares to become queen of the carnival. Lost in a world of grown-ups and trapped in her routine, she is torn between the glamour of pageant and the social pressure to become a winner.

The Gold Bug (El Escarabajo de Oro)
De Alejo Moguillansky y Fia-Stina Sandlund – Argentina | 2014 – 100 minutes

Feminism, Victoria Benedictsson, Leandro N. Alem, the Radical Party in Argentina, suicide, stunts, Edgar Allan Poe, the complicated relationship between low-budget films with a political aim and the film industry, Robert Louis Stevenson, fiction, facts, greed, gold treasures left by the Jesuits in Argentina, the 19th Century vs. the contemporary and the search for truth and wisdom are the background for this portrait of a clash between a Swedish artist and an Argentine film director.

Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes)
De Damián Szifrón – Argentina | 2014 – 119 minutes

Inequality, injustice and the demands of the world we live in cause stress and depression for many people. Some of them, however, explode. This is a movie about those people. Vulnerable in the face of a reality that shifts and suddenly turns unpredictable, the characters of Wild Tales cross the thin line that divides civilization and barbarism. A lover's betrayal, a return to the repressed past and the violence woven into everyday encounters drive the characters to madness as they cede to the undeniable pleasure of losing control.

Underdog (Metegol)
De Juan José Campanella – Argentina | 2013 – 106 minutes

The story of a reluctant hero whose town is threatened when his long-time rival returns home to avenge an old grudge. When the players from his foosball table are magically brought to life, he recruits them to help him enter into the biggest underdog match ever, save the town and win back the love of his life.

The Corporation (La Corporación)
De Fabián Forte – Argentina | 2012 – 90 minutes

Felipe Mentor lives a happy life. His business is rising and his private life is a dream. He is about to close a very important deal with a firm that will provide him greater economic benefits. Felipe enjoys the fullness of love with his wife Luz, a beautiful and idyllic woman several years younger than him. Luz gives him the affection he needs and she also fullfills his most intimate fantasies. But this ideal life falls apart when Felipe proposes Luz to have a child. This proposition detonates a hidden and unhappy world, based on the services offered by a corporation that makes people's wishes come true.


Wednesday 28th October
7:30 pm – The Queen (La Reina) – Premiere Theatre

Thursday 29th October
6:30 pm – The Corporation (La Corporación) – Premiere Theatre
8:30 pm – The Gold Bug (El Escarabajo de Oro) – Premiere Theatre

Friday 30th October
5:30 pm – The Gold Bug (El Escarabajo de Oro) – Premiere Theatre
8:00 pm – Underdog (Metegol) – Premiere Theatre

Saturday 31th October
5:00 pm – Underdog (Metegol) – Premiere Theatre
7:30 pm – The Queen (La Reina) – Premiere Theatre
8:00 pm – Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes) –Cinema 4 Theatre

For more information go to: http://www.shangrila-plaza.com
Or you can call 370-2500 #597
Shang’s Place Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shangrilaplazaofficialfanpage

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