January 29, 2016

Pune International Film Festival – Awards 2016

We present the list of winners of the 14th Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) that took place from the 14th until the 21th of January 2016 in Pune, India.

World Cinema Competition
Best International Film
Mamiroo (Immortal) by Hadi Mohaghegh – Iran | 2015
Best International Director
Raam Reddy for the film Thithi – India, USA, Canada | 2015
Best Actress
Wei Zhao for the film Qin ai de (Dearest) by Peter Ho-Sun Chan
China | 2014
Best Actor
Yadolah Shadmani for the film Mamiroo (Immortal) by Hadi Mohaghegh
Iran | 2015
Best Screenplay
Goran Radovanović for the film Enklava (Enclave) – Serbia | 2015

Marathi Cinema Competition
Best International Film
Rangaa Patangaa by Prasad Namjoshi – India | 2015
Best Director
Prasad Namjoshi for the film Rangaa Patangaa – India | 2015

Best Actor
Koshor Kadam for the film Partu – India | 2015
Best Screenplay
Nishant Dhapse for the film Halal (Sacrifice) by Shivaji Lotan Patil – India | 2015

Best Cinematographer
Ajith Reddy for the film Natasamrat: Asa Nat Hone Nahi by Mahesh V. Manjrekar - India | 2015

Volkswagen International Students Animation Competition Short Films
Best Animation (India)
Mahindra by Whistling Woods International - India

Best Animation (International)
The Potato Eaters by Univerzita Tomase Bati Ve Zline – Czech Republic

Volkswagen International Students Live Action Competition Short Films
Best Film
Slap by Nick Rowland – UK

Best Director
Muye Wen for the film Requiem (A Hun Qu) - China

Best Screenplay
Vedanti Dani by Raakh - India

Best Cinematographer
Jeremías Soto for the film Estela - Venezuela

Best Audiographer
Arash Ghasemi for the film Elegy – Iran

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