February 9, 2016

A Great Woman by Heo Na-yun (2015)

Comments on "A Great Woman" a South Korean short film directed by Heo Na-yun.

A Great Woman by Heo Na-yun – South Korea | 2015 – 25 min.

Sun-mi is a beautiful and talented elementary school teacher but sadly she has a terrible secret. She was born with a congenital absence of her womb and vaginal canal. Since childhood Sun-mi has to hide this condition and try to live inside a bubble to protect herself from people, especially from men. But one day things change she decides to go on a blind date with Won a young gentleman. Everything goes well and they both like each other. On their way to her home Won tries to come up for a coffee but refuse explaining that she has to wake up early. Have Sun-mi finally found Mr. Right? Will he be the one to spend life with? How he will react when she tells him her “secret”?

I decided to watch this film because of a personal reason. I remember that when I was in elementary school I had a classmate with the same condition and back then I didn’t know how much of an impact this condition can affect someone’s life. Making a film about this subject can be difficult and hard to approach but Heo Na-yun manages to create a very beautiful but tragic film. With some good acting and great songs we are told the story of Sun-mi, a school teacher hunted by her fear of getting into relationships. Mainly because she fears that men will leave her when they know her hidden secret. Is Sun-mi just a “female body part”? Of course not, so why can’t men see her as what she is? A beautiful person that wants to love and be love. Facing her biggest fear she finally learns that no matter what she has to continue looking for that “special” someone.

Seoul International Women’s Film Festival (2015) – Asian Short Film & Video Competition

About the Director
Heo Na-yun is studying at Deptment of Broadcasting, the Korean National University of Arts.

Short Film

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