February 16, 2016

A Violent Prosecutor blows the Korean Box Office

In less than two weeks the debut film from Lee Il- Hyeong managed to hit the Korean cinemas blowing up the box office.

In your last Industry Report (click to see the article) we talk about the lack of block buster movies during January and how this affected the Korean Film Admissions. But things have change with the release of “A Violent Prosecutor” the debut film from Lee Il-Hyeong. This crime-comedy features Hwang Jung-min, Gang Dong-won, Lee Sung-min, Park Sung-woong, along with other great actors.

The film was release on Wednesday February 3th and in less than two weeks managed to be on top of the box office. In the debut night it managed to attract 526 thousand spectators and later during the Chinese New Year long weekend (Feb. 5th until 10th) it was seen by 5.3 million persons. The biggest night was on February 9th when it got 1.1 million admissions. Since the release the film have pass the 8 million mark and manage to get into the Top 20 most watched films in the history of Korea Cinema (Ranked #17 with 8.209.116 spectators). We are only half away in February but this could be one of the most watched films for this 2016.

A Violent Prosecutor by Lee Il- Hyeong – South Korea (Showbox) | 2016 – 126 min.

Prosecutor Jae-wook, specialized in violent crimes, detests the criminals and doesn't give a damn about their human rights. One day, while interrogating Jin-seok, a suspect looking insincere, Jae-wook loses his temper again and beats him. The next morning when Jae-wook comes back to the interrogation room, he finds Jin-seok dead. Jae-wook is charged with murder and arrested. The Prosecutors' Office including Jae-wook's boss and close colleagues desperately try to find a way out of this trouble leaving him as a scapegoat. Jae-wook claims his innocence but gets sentenced 10 years to prison. In prison, Jae-wook meets a handsome, even petty criminal, Chi-won and finds the clue of the scheme which put him in prison. Jae-wook asks Chi-won to join forces with him and begins training him to reveal the scheme and get his revenge. (KoBiz)


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