February 1, 2016

Dishonor (2015) by Kim Ui-suk

A share some comments on "Dishonor" a South Korean short film directed by Kim Ui-suk.

Dishonor by Kim Ui-suk - South Korea | 2015 - 15 min.

With no other option left, a high school teacher decides to drive the last two students to the school field trip. In their way to the camp they get into a serious car accident with another car that was traveling in the opposite lane. When time comes to clarify the accident the testimonies of the teacher and the students do not match and everyone starts to doubt about what they really experience that day.

Despite of been a simple and straightforward story Kim Ui-suk manages to get our attention from the very first minutes. The film tension start to build up as the story unfolds. One of the great things about this short film is the way the story is told. We get information of what happened inside the tunnel from the flashbacks each character have. But are they reliable? Can we trust what they thought it happen? Did the driver really distract himself? Was someone districting him? At the end we are only left with more questions than answers as we can’t really tell what really happened.

Busan International Film Festival (2015) - Wide Angle-Korean Short Film Competition

About the director:
Kim Ui-suk was born in 1983. Graduated from Korean Academy of Film Arts. His short Bon Appetit (2008), and Midnight Express were invited to film festivals in Korea. Dishonor (2015) was invited to Busan.

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