February 25, 2016

The Jeonju International Film Festival introduces new poster

The organizers for the Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF) have presented the new poster of this year edition.

The new poster uses the consonant ´ㅈ[jieut]´ to emphasizes ´Jeonju´, the host city, and the alternative poster uses the consonant ´ㅍ[pieup]‘ to emphasize film festival. On the other hand, the poster has a line that meets another line which symbolizes ´ㅈ[jieut]’ and ‘ㅍ[pieup]’ as the role of film festivals, where ´film´ meets ´audience´ freely. In terms of visualization, ´ㅈ[jieut]’ and ‘ㅍ[pieup]’ can be seen as the light from the screen that also indicates the nature of the cinema.

The two key characters for this year, ´ㅈ[jieut]’ and ‘ㅍ[pieup]’, will be used for various types of promotion materials such as official posters, printouts, publications and designed products. Along with the key color (orange), blue will be an alternative color which is to be changed upon policies of film festival each year. It symbolizes ´liveliness´ and ´youth´.

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