October 24, 2012

Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)

The 25th edition of the Tokyo International Film Festival will be held from October 20 to 25 in the city of Toyko (Japan).

(Note: Before I start with the general information of the festival I would like to thank the organizers of the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) for trusting Film Focus and giving us the press pass to post information about the festival. Due to the university times and my little budget it is impossible for me to attempt the festival and cover it the way it deserves to be cover. I hope next year to attempt the festival. Again thanks for your support.Sebastián Nadilo)


The one and only FIAPF-accredited international film festival in Japan

This year marks the 25th edition of Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF). As the only Japanese film festival accredited by the international Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF), TIFF has played an integral role in Japan's fillm industry and cultural scene since its establishment in 1985. TIFF aspires to be regcognized as one of the four major film festivals in the world - in the same league as Cannes, Venice and Berlin, which now stnad at the summit of the more than 2,600 international film celebrations.

A collection of excellent works from around the world for exclusive screenings, nominated for the“ Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix”

Over the nine days of the festival, films from a variety of genres will be shown in several intreguing sections: Competition, which selects the “Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix” from a carefully chosen ensemble of premiere films presented by both talented first-timers and recognized directors; Special Screenings, which premieres highly entertaining films prior to their public release in Japan; Winds of Asia - Middle East, which boasts the largest number of films and audiences in all the TIFF screenings; Japanese Eyes, which showcases a broad range of Japanese films for worldwide audiences; and natural TIFF highlighting films carrying underlying messages that place emphasis on “co-existense of nature and mankind”

The 25th TIFF will explore our future through the power of films.

In 2011, we reaffirmed the power of films to encourage, move, and unite people. For the 25th TIFF, we take another step towards the future. Our mission as an international film festival is to provide a platform for people, culture, and business in Japan and around the world, while continuing the theme of ecology. TIFF promises to grow beyond generations and boundaries to present the finest to the world and the finest films in the world to Japan.

Multipurpose events with an emphasis on films

The opening day appearances of guest celebrities on the signature Green Carpet on Roppongi Keyakizaka Street will be followed by various events, mainly in Roppongi Hills. The open - air screenings, voice - over screening, and guest appearances by stars of the films are sure to be enjoyed by film fans and bussiness people. Along with TIFFCOM and the Unijapan Entertainment Forum, seminars symposiums, and workshops, we will hold interactive programs to promote discussions and business networking.

International Competition

Roger Corman (President)
Director / Producer

Luc Roeg

Yojiro Takita

Emanuele Crialese
Director / Writer

Kyoko Heya
Production Designer

Winds of Asia-Middle East

Harumi Nakayama
Cinema Journalist

Koichi Kawakami
Director of Photography

Lim Kah Wai

Japanese Eyes

Kyoichiro Marayama
Film Critic

Yoshihiro Fukagawa

Genki Kawamura
Film Producer

Toyota Eartg Grand Prix

Yukichi Shinada
Film Critic
Professor Emeritus
of Tama Art University

Model / Actress

Tom Yoda
Tokyo International Film Festival


Tokyo Sakura Gran Prix
Special Jury Prize
Award for Best Director
Award for Best Actress
Award for Best Actor
Award for Best Artistic Contribution

The Audience Award

Toyota Earth Grand Prix

Winds of Asia-Middle East
Best Asian Film Award

Japanese Eyes
Best Picture Award


Accession by Michael J.Rix - South Africa | 2012
Araf - Somewhere in Between by Yesim Ustaoglu - Turkey, Germany | 2012
Atambua 39 Celsius by Riri Riza - Indonesia | 2012
The Black Square by Hiroshi Okuhara - Japan | 2012
Feng Shui by Wang Jing - China | 2012
Flashback Memories 3D by Tetsuaki Matsue - Japan | 2012
Hannah Arendt by Margarethe von Trotta - Germany | 2012
A Hijacking by Tobias Lindholm - Dinamark | 2012
Juveline Offender by Kang Yi-kwan - South Korea | 2012
Nina by Elisa Fuksas - Italia | 2012
No by Palbo Larraín - Chile, USA | 2012
The Other Son by Lorraine Lévy - France | 2012
Ship of Theseus by Anand Gandhi - India | 2012
What Maisie Knew by Scott McGehee, David Siegel - USA | 2012
Yellow by Nick Cassavetes - USA | 2012

Special Screening
Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away by Andrew Adamson - USA | 2012
Trouble with the Curve by Robert Lorenz - USA | 2012
Japan in a Day by Philip Martin, Gaku Narita - Japan, USA | 2012
Skyfall Special PResentation - James Bond 50th Anniversary by Sam Mendes - UK, USA | 2012
Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 by Stevan Riley- UK | 2012
Aokigahara by Taku Shinjo - Japan | 2012
ARGO by Ben Affleck - USA | 2011
The Woman in Black by James Watkins - UK, Canada, Sweden | 2012
Crow´s Thumb by Tadafumi Ito - Japan | 2012
GARO and the Wailing Dragon by Keita Amemiya - Japan | 2012
G´mor evian! by Toru Yamamoto - Japan | 2012
KON-SHIN by Yoshinari Nishikori - Japan | 2012
Salmon Fishin in the Yemen by Lasse Hallström - UK | 2011
Sue, Mai & Sawa: Righting the Girl Ship by Osamu Minorikawa - Japan | 2012
My Departure by Tetsu Maeda - Japan | 2012
A Terminal Trust by Masayuji Suo - Japan | 2012
Tug of War! by Nobuo Mizuta - Japan | 2012
The Floating Castle by Isshin Inudo, Shinji Higuchi - Japan | 2011
Farewell, My Queen by Benoit Jacquot - France, Japan | 2011
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by John Madden - UK, USA, Emiratos Árabes | 2011
A Story of Yonosuke by Shuichi Okita - Japan | 2012
Red Lights by Rodrigo Cortés - USA, Spain | 2012

Film Panorama of Asia-Middle East
Perfect Game by Park Hee-gon - South Korea | 2011
Doomsday Book by Kim Jee-woon, Yim Pil-sung - South Korea | 2012
Sleepless Night by Jang Kun-jae - South Korea | 2011
Full Circle by Zhang Yang - China | 2012
Don´t Expect Praises by Yang Jin - China, South Korea | 2012
Love in the Buff by Pang Ho-cheung - Hong Kong, China | 2012
Floating City by Yim Ho - Hong Kong | 2012
The Soul of Bread by Kao Pin-chuan, Lin Chun-yang - Taiwan | 2012
Touch of the Light by Chang Jung-chi - Taiwán, Hong Kong | 2012
Sweetheart Chocolate by Tetsup Shinohara - China, Japan | 2012
I Carried You Home by Tongpong Chantar angkul - Thailand | 2011
Bwakaw by Jun Robles Lana - Filipinas | 2012
Agneepath by Karan Malhotra - India | 2012
Him, Here After by Asoka Handagama - Sri Lanka | 2012
Lifetime by Mohammad Ebrahim Moayyeri - Iran | 2011
Night of Silence by Reis Celik - Turkey | 2012
Student by Darezhan Omirbayev - Kazakhstan | 2012

Indonesia Express
Soegija by Garin Nugroho - Indonesia | 2012
The Blindfold by Garin Nugroho - Indonesia | 2011
Postcards from the Zoo by Edwin - Indonesia, Germany, Hong Kong | 2012
Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly by Edwin - Indonesia | 2008
The Rainbow Troops by Riri Riza - Indonesia | 2008
The Dreamer by Riri Riza - Indonesia | 2009

Discovering Asian Cinema
Golden Slumbers by Davy Chou - France, Cambodia | 2011
Peov Chouk Sor by Tea Lim Koun - Cambodia | 1967
The Snake Man by Tea Lim Koun - Cambodia | 1970

Japanese Eyes
Where Does Love Go? by Bunyo Kimura - Japan | 2012
Akaboshi by Ryohei Yoshino - Japan | 2012
Chasing Santa Claus by Horoki Iwabuchi - Japan | 2012
GFP BUNNY by Yutaka Tsuchiya - Japan | 2012
Last Days of Summer by Tomomi Ishiyama - Japan | 2012
Our Night is Not Long by Shoji Toyama - Japan | 2012
KURO by Daisuke Shimote - Japan | 2012
Since Then by Makoto Shinozaki - Japan | 2012
Something Wicked Comes Over the Wall by Norio Enomoto - Japan | 2012
The Town of Whales by Keiko Tsuruoka - Japan | 2012

World Cinema
Dormant Beauty by Marco Bellocchio - Italy, France | 2012
Here and There by Antonio Méndez Esparza - Spain, USA, México | 2012
The Impossible by J.A.Bayona - Spain, USA | 2012
Journal de France by Raymond Depardon, Claudine Nougaret - France | 2012
A Liar´s Autobiography -The Untrue Story of Monty Python´s Graham Chapman by Bill Jones, Ben Timlett, Jeff Simpson - UK | 2012
Post Tenebras Lux by Carlos Reygadas - México, France, Germany, Holland | 2012
Reality by Matteo Garrone - Italy, France | 2012
Siby by Siby - The Science, Art and Impact of Digital Cinema by Chris Kenneally - USA | 2012
Something in the Air by Olivier Assayas - France | 2012
Spring Brakers by Harmony Korine - USA | 2012
Strutter by Kurt Voss, Allis Anders - USA | 2012
By Jueves a Domingo by Dominga Sotomayor - Chile, Holand | 2012

Natural TIFF
Bestiaire by Denis Côte - Canadá, France | 2012
The Island President by Jon Shenk - USA | 2011
Last Call at the Oasis by Jessica Yu - USA | 2011
The Last Shepherd by Marco Bonfanti - Italy | 2012
No Business like Show Business by Bernard Weber, Martin Schilt - Switzerland | 2012
Trashed by Candida Brady - UK | 2012
Facing Animals by Jan van Ijken - Holand | 2012
Himself He Cooks by Velérie Berteau, Philippe Witjes - Belgium | 2011

Raymond Chow Special All Night Screening
Police Story (警察故事) by Jackie Chan - Hong Kong | 1985
Mr.Vampire (疆屍先生) by Ricky Lau - Hong Kong | 1985
The Cannonball Run by Hal Needham - USA | 1980

Corman´s Way
Von Richthofen and Brown by Roger Corman - USA | 1971
Piranha by Joe Danet - USA | 1978
Monster: Humanoids from the Deep by Barbara Peeters - USA | 1978

TIFF in Nihombashi
Bridge of Japan by Kon Ichikawa - Japan | 1956
Judge and Thief by Bin Kato - Japan | 1955
Pathfinder of the Sky An Architect´s Life / Story of Morin Kaku by Atsuko Sakai - Japan | 2012
MIS - Human Secret Weapon by Junichi Suzuki - Japan, USA | 2012
Naked Island by Kaneto Shindo - Japan | 1960
Death of a Japanese Salesman by Mami Sunada - Japan | 2011

Minato Screening
Program A
Julian by Matthew Moore - Australia | 2011
Komaneko - The First Step by Tsuneo Goda - Japan | 2005
GUS by Andrew Martin - Australia | 2011
Floyd the Android by Jonathan Lyons - USA | 2010
Pishto Goes Away by Sonya Kendel - Russia | 2012
Corrida by Janis Cimermanis - Latvia | 2011
Colored Pencil by Alice Gomes - Brazil | 2010

Program B
Kauwboy by Boudewijn Koole - Holand | 2012
Floyd the Android by Jonathan Lyons - USA | 2010

Program C
Ernest & Celestine by Benjamin Renner, Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar - France | 2012

Bunka-Cho Film Awards 2012
Never Let Me Go by Kazuya Tachikawa - Japan | 2011
IYASUMONOTOSHITE - The Postwar History of Rural Medical Services by Masayoshi Suzuki - Japan | 2011
Living the Silent Spring by Masako Sakata - Japan 2011


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