September 14, 2013

26th Tokyo International Film Festival - Taiwanese Cinema Renaissance

The 26th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) will hold a special-focus screening including films by established and veteran directors from Taiwan. Called “Taiwanese Cinema Renaissance 2013”, this special screening will be a part of the festival’s World Focus section.

Taiwanese Cinema Renaissance 2013

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"27°C- Loaf Rocks" (2013) [世界第一麥方]
Japan Premiere
Director: Lin Cheng-sheng
Cast: Li Kuo-yim, Meng Keng-ju, Wang Cai-hua
The heart-warming tale of a poor boy turns into a world-class baker, set in southern Taiwan and France.

Soul” (2013) [失魂]
Japan Premiere
Director: Chung Mong-hong
Cast: Jimmy Wong, Joseph Chang, Chen Shiang-chyi
A-Chuan return to his father's home, kills his sister, says: "I saw this body was empty, so I moved in…"

Takao Dancer" (2013) [打狗舞] World Premiere
Directors: Ho Wen-shing, Hwang Ouchul
Cast: Ed Pan, Kly Huang, Kuo Yu-ting
Takao Dancer is a timeless portrait of love and suffering, observed in a fresh and tender way through the eyes of promising directors.

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Together” (2012) [甜‧祕密]
Director: Hsu Chao-jen
Cast: Huang Shao-yang, Lee Lieh, Kenny Bee
A bittersweet observation of contemporary love in Taipei city from a teen perspective.

Zone Pro Site: The Moveable Feast” (2013) [總舖師:移動大廚] Japan Premiere
Director: Chen Yu-hsun
Cast: Lin Mei-hsiu, Yo Yang, Kimi Hsia
Zone Pro Site tells about a group of ordinary people trying to revive the legacy of master chefs.

The Sandwich Man” (1983) [兒子的大玩偶] - Digitally Restored Version
Directors: Hou Hsiao-hsien, Wan Jen, Tseng Chuang-hsiang
Cast: Chen Bo-jeng, Yang Li-ying, Jo Shen-li
This episodic film is adapted from three short stories by novelist Huang Chunming.

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