September 19, 2013

26th Tokyo International Film Festival – Full line up announced! (Press Conference)

The press conference to announce the complete line up and jury members for the 26th edition of Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) was held today, at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

The press conference opened with a welcoming address from Yasushi SHIINA, General Director of TIFF. And the complete lineup of the main sections were introduced by the programming directors, in addition to the earlier announcement of Opening and Closing films: “Captain Phillips”(Director: Paul GREENGRASS, Starring: Tom HANKS) and “The Kiyosu Conference”(Director: Koki MITANI).For the competition section, a total of 1,463 titles from 93 countries and regions were submitted to TIFF this year.

The two Japanese directors, Koji FUKADA and actress Fumi NIKAIDO ("Au revoir l' ete"), and Hideo SAKAKI ("Disregarded People"), whose films were selected for the Competition section were also in attendance and shared their excitement toward the upcoming festival.

The 26th TIFF’s International Competition Jury members were also announced; the jury members consist of jury president Chen KAIGE (director), MOON So-ri (actress), Chris BROWN (producer), Chris WEITZ (director/writer/producer), Shinobu TERAJIMA (actress).
During the nine-day celebration, there will be daily film-related exciting events at the festival place with welcoming addresses by celebrated guests from Japan and around the world.

Notes and Quotes from the Press Conference

"TIFF is approaching in a month, in 2020, Tokyo will be hosting the summer Olympics. The Olympics is seven years later but TIFF will be held seven times more, each time we hope that the event will grow bigger. For the Opening film “Captain Phillips”, Tom Hanks will be attending the Opening Ceremony, and for the Closing film, we will have Japanese film “The Kiyosu Conference” with impressive casts at TIFF. This year we have created various highlights, especially on weekends during TIFF, we are having special events that everyone can enjoy. This year, we changed the logo and the motif is the heart shape, which is called the “heart movie” as we try to cherish the soul of each film has and also express our hospitality to our guest that is our concept and object of changing the logo. We would like to invite all of you to the festival and looking forward to seeing you in October." Yasushi SHIINA -Director General, Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF & TIFFCOM)

Filmmaking is a very tough business. So I really believe that every film in the competition will receive the same respect from the Jury. But only truly excellent films can get the prizes. We all understand that good films require talent. But sometimes I feel like there’s something even more important than talent, which is unique personal understanding to the world. But strange enough, most of the time, we could only find this kind of uniqueness in the early age of the filmmakers’ career. So, that’s why we want to pay very close attention to young filmmakers’ works. I hope that we are here to help. Chen Kaige, Jury President (Video message)

For the Competition section, we would like to show new high-quality films to the world for the Autumn season at the same time the landscape of the film industry globally. We have selected 15 films that stand out due to the distinct personalities of their makers. The trend of this year, is probably “to resist” or “to fight” that could be the tendency. For example, fighting the regime, fighting the old values, and life stories of those people has been depicted a lot. Yoshihiko YATABE“Competition” Programming Director

Asian Future revives the spirit of young cinema and introduces young talent from across the globe in Tokyo. In selecting the lineup, the category is for the debut work from Asia, we presumed that most entries would be small-scale films, but there are large-scale productions and we are astonished once again by the diversity of Asian cinema. Kenji ISHIZAKA“Asian Future” Programming Director

We have managed to assemble a wide variety of films from animated works to live action, family films, and grand prix winners at festivals overseas. And big stars like Tom Hanks, Sofia Coppola, Francis Ford Coppola, Ellen Page and Robert De Niro will come to the festival this year, so more general audience can enjoy the festival. Nobushige TOSHIMA“Special Screening” Programming Director

I participated in TIFF 2008 with my film “My Grandma,” and this time I am here to present my new film and feel little bit nervous to be in the Competition. The film is set in Go to islands in Nagasaki, where is my hometown. It was good to be back and shoot there to discover my own roots. Without the local friend’s support, this film wouldn’t have been made. Director Hideo SAKAKI (“Disregarded People”)

My last film “Hospitalite” had been shown in “Japanese Eyes” section and won the Best Picture Award at TIFF in 2010, so it is very honored and happy to be back again with my new film this time in the Competition section. Last time, after the film has shown in TIFF, fortunately the film got invited to the international film festivals around the world and luckily I travelled around the world with the film. I hope that I could travel the world with this new film again. Director Koji FUKADA (“Au revoir l’ete”)

It is my great honor to participate the Tokyo International Film Festival. Working with director Koji FUKADA was very exciting. Sometimes I have received the script to practice the line during the lunch break at the scene, and also I was fascinated by the director who had instructed me the acting by himself. Actress Fumi NIKAIDO (“Au revoir l’ ete”)

I am proud to be here with you, TIFF is to connect Japan and world. I will try my best to play my role as the Festival Muse. And also looking forward to meeting the great film industry people from all over the world. I hope all the guests from the world will feel the Japanese culture by joining the various events during the festival. Chiaki KURIYAMA Festival Muse

Competition Line up for the 26th Tokyo International Film Festival
Au revoir l' été by Koji Fukada – Japan, USA | 2013 – World Premiere
Mga Juwentong Barbero (Barber´s Tale) by Jun Robles Lana – Philippines | 2013 – World Premiere
Ghaedeye Tasadof (Bending the Rules) by Behnam Behzadi – Iran | 2013 - World Premiere
Brma Paemnebi (Blind Dates) by Levan Koguashvilli – Georgia | 2013 – Asian Premiere
Disregarded People by Hideo Sakaki – Japan | 2013 - World Premiere
The Double by Richard Ayoade – UK – Asian Premiere
Drinking Buddies by Joe Swanberg – USA | 2013 – Asian Premiere
Las horas muertas (The empty hours) by Aarón Fernández – Mexico, France, Spain | 2013 – Asian Premiere
L’amour est un crime (Love is the perfect crime) by Arnaud Larrieu, Jean-Marie Larrieu – France, Switzerland | 2013 – Asian Premiere
Hross í oss (Of horses and men) by Benedikt Erilingsson – Iceland | 2013 – Asian Premiere
붉은 가족 (Red Famiy) by Lee Ju-hyoung – Korea | 2013 – World Premiere
Sarki Söyleyen Kadiniar (Singing Women) by Reha Erdem – Germany, France – Asian Premiere
Anni felici (Those Happy Years) by Daniele Luchetti – Italy, France | 2013 – Asian Premiere
Jingcha Riji (警察日记) (T olive and die in Ordos) by Ning Ying – China | 2013 – World Premiere   
Vi är bäst! (We are the best!) by Lukas Moodysson – Sweden | 2013 – Asian Premiere

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