July 24, 2014

Film Focus celebrates 4 years online!!

Dear readers during the month of July; Film Focus celebrates its 4th birthday!

To tell you the truth it seems a dream some years ago I had this crazy idea to start talking about cinema. After some failures I open my blog around July 2010. I started to write film reviews but soon I realized it wasn’t for me. I then choose to write more about where people could see films that were not screen at the big cinema complex.

Month after month I publish information about different places to see top quality films. In my best days I push information about almost fifth teen places to see good cinema. After that I try to get close to my readers and my other bloggers so I decided to create the “Cinema Marathon”, a special event where other bloggers could share their ideas and reviews to other bloggers. I have to admit I made some good blogger friends and a lot of contacts. Friends I am very thankful because they have been there to encourage me to continue with these crazy ideas.

After that I decided it was time to expand my horizons and start looking at the world. So I decided to start publishing information about international film festivals and other events. I was able to win a good reputation oversees and I got a lot of press accreditations to different places. I am very thankful for that. I gain access to film screens and different festivals send me posters and movies.

To tell you the truth this project was born from my passion about cinema. It has evolved and changed since the beginning and reach a magnitude I never dream. I never thought people from around the world would enter my blog to read about cinema, I never thought film festivals were going to be sending me film catalogs and posters. This was one of the most wonderful experience I could maintain in my life..

Although during the past 6 months I have been having a lot of time to reflex about my life and to see where I am right now. I have been thinking about my personal life too and of course the blog is part of it. Now I must say I am without force, without energy, without motivation. To tell you the truth I would like to make a turn and change the very core of the blog but right now I don’t see how I can do that. The great among of material I have to publish really depresses me and the fact that I don’t see the blog as a hobby anymore…

Money is one of this matters that is in my mind because after the long hours and days I have dedicated to this blog it become a “work” from which I made no money. I don’t know the experience of each blogger but I am sure you all reach a moment where you say “well this is a job for me. Where is my money?.” It is because of this and a lot of persona things that I have many doubts about continuing with this project. To tell you the truth closing Film Focus will be sad because I dedicated so much to this blog and I am very proud of the results.

So this is the situations my dear readers and bloggers. Is a bitter celebration for Film Focus. Before I close this note I would like to ask the other bloggers if you have reach a similar point and what were the things that made you continue with your blogs.

As always thanks for listening me, I hope I come back strong and reenergized to offer you the best of the cinema. A great hug to all of those who supported from the very begging and continue to show solidarity with Film Focus in these 4 years. Thanks again….cheers!
Sebastián Nadilo

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