September 15, 2014

The Tokyo International Film Festival presents the Festival Navigators

This month the organizers of the festival have announced who will be in charge or presenting the films for the New Generation Competition to the audience.

As always the Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) selects celebrities to present the films or the New Generation Competition to the young people attending the festival. On this occasion the people responsible to do that task will be Azusa Okamoto and Harry Sugiyama.

Azusa Okamoto
Born in Aichi Prefecture on June 21th of 1992 she started his career as a model for the “non-no” magazine and later she started to act in different movies. Okamoto appeared in films such as “The Movie 3: Morning Musume Rescue Operation! The Secret of Pandora´s Box” (2011) directed by Hiroshi Ando, “Sentimental Yasuko” (2012) directed by Kei Horie, “A.F.O-All For One” y “Eight Ranger 2” both directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (2014). Currently, she appears in the TV drama series, “The Kindaichi Files N“, and regularly on a news program, “Going!” Sports & News (both on the Nippon Television Network).

Harry Sugiyama
He was born in the city of Tokyo but at the age of 11 he left Japan with his family and when to live to England. There he live all his adolescence and assist the University of London. His career as a model took him to work in Japan, China and England. In 2008 he started this career in TV in the show Space Shower. Currently, he works in the program “Nonstop!” y “Monday Football R” (Fuji Tv), in addition he is also a DJ in the radio show called “Hello World”.

Sebastián Nadilo

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