March 1, 2015

Taiwanese cinematographic company take web users to court for illegal downloading

The cinematographic company, Pranja Works Entertainment filed cases against two hundreds web users for downloading one of their movies.

After the premiere of “Black & White: The Dawn of Justice”, directed by Tsai Yueh-hsun, Pranja Works Entertainment Co. quickly discover that their movie had been leaked in the web. During the first week after the movie was downloaded approximately 20.000 times via BitTorrent. As a result of a private investigation carry out by the company they were able to find the IPs of two hundred web users that had download the movie and share the movie online.

With this information the company filed lawsuits against those people for the violation of the Copyright Act. If the justice rules in favor of Pranja Works Entertainment Co. the web users could face three years in prison and will have to pay a fine of 23.900 dollars.

This is not the first time a cinematographic company tries to file cases against internet users for downloading movies. Usually these lawsuits are settle before they go to court. Pranja Works Entertainment stated that they will continue to take legal actions against people that leak the movie and those who have download it.

By Sebastián Nadilo

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