June 2, 2015

Industry report on Korean Cinema (May 2015)

The Chronicles of Evil – Baek Woon-hak – South Korea | 2015

We present another industry report on the South Korean Cinema.


During May more than 11 million people attended the South Korean cinemas, resulting in sales over $128 million dollars. Foreign Films manage to get most of the industry (65.49 %) with more than 7 million spectators, Korean Films only manage to get almost 4 million admissions. Foreign Films sales gather almost $90 million dollars and national films gather almost $40 million dollars on ticket sales.

Taking into account the numbers obtain this month with the ones from 2014 we can see that there is a small increase of the industry. Usually the industry starts to get better numbers after May because the South Korean production companies start to release their best movies near August. The total number of admissions grew 5.06% reaching almost 18 million spectators. The Korean Films reach only 5.5 million spectators while the Foreign Films gather almost 12 million admissions this was because of the release of highly anticipated movies that become a big hit in sales, such movies were “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Spy”. The Foreign Films gather $89 million dollars while the National Films gather only $39 million dollars in tickets sales.

Movie Release
The Chronicles of Evil – The Treacherous – The Shameless

This month the most watched Korean Films were: “The Chronicles of Evil” (CJ) directed by Baek Woon-hak with 2.041.356 spectators, “The Treacherous” (Lotte, FINECUT) by Min Kyu-dong with 881.692 admissions, and “The Shameless” (CJ) by Oh Seung-uk with 272.044 spectators. As for the Foreign Films they were; “Mad Max: Fury Road” (US, Australia) by George Miller with 2.946.601 spectators, “Spy” (US) by Paul Feig with 1.554.834 admissions, and “Home” (US) by Tim Johnson with 330.372 spectators.

Most Watched Films

Despite of been release last month “The Avengers: Age of Ultron” (US) continues to be a hit in cinemas, this month it was watched by almost 6 million persons, gathering almost 34% of the market. Next is “Mad Max: Fury Road” with almost 3 million admissions. In third place we have the Korean film “The Chronicle of Evil” that was watched by 2 million persons. In fourth place is “Spy” with 1.5 million admissions. In fifth place we have “Coin Locker Girl” with 1.2 million admissions.

Top 5 Korean Films (May 2015)

Top 5 Foreign Films (May 2015)

By Sebastián Nadilo

About this report:
This report was made using the information on KoBiz (Korean Film Biz Zone) web page. This special organization is link to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. The data use in this report was gathered on Monday Jun 1st, 2015.

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