September 28, 2013

18th Busan International Film Festival - Open Talks

The 18th Busan International Film Festival provides ‘Open Talk’ to allow the audience to interact with guests from most issue-making films. This event, with Korean and international guests, will be held from October 4th (Fri) to 8th (Tue) over 4 days (excluding Sunday) on the Outdoor Stage at the BIFF Village, Haeundae.

From Acting to Directing, PAK Junghun and HA Jungwoo
IM Kwon-taek, Jimmy WONG, KOREEDA Hirokazu among Directors and
Actors Representing East Asia

18 well-known directors and actors will participate in this year’s Open Talk. Some of the most eye-catching guests are Pak Junghun and Ha Jungwoo, actors turned directors. Top Star’s director, Pak Junghun, and its actors, Kim Minjun, Soh Yi-hyun and Uhm Tae-woong, will discuss the film. Director Ha Jungwoo and Jung Kyeongho will also do the same with Fasten Your Seatbelt. Directors Kim Jee-woon and Ryoo Seungwan, of The X and The Berlin File respectively, will captivate the audience through ‘Action Battle of Directors’. Also, Im Kwon-taek, whose largest Retrospective with entire filmography (excluding those lost or too damaged) is being shown, will lead an event with actors who appeared in his past films such as Kang Sooyeon, Pak Junghun, Ahn Seonggi and Jeon Moo-song.

International guest appearances will feature the legendary actor of Hong Kong martial arts cinema, Jimmy Wong (One-armed Swordsman and Tiger Boy). Director Koreeda Hirokazu (recipient of the Jury Prize at the 66th Cannes International Film Festival) and Fukuyama Masaharu (Japan’s favored singer and actor) will talk about their Like Father, Like Son. A third generation Korean-Japanese director Lee Sangil and Watanabe Ken are visiting Busan with Unforgiven, the Japanese remake of Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven (1992). Open Talk will give the audience an unforgettable experience and a rare opportunity to see renowned directors and actors in one place.

Dates & Times Events Guests Location
Oct. 4 (Fri)
Legendary One-armed Swordsman, Jimmy Wong Jimmy Wong Outdoor Stage,
BIFF Village,
Oct. 4 (Fri)
Koreeda Hirokazu, Fukuyama Masaharu Koreeda Hirokazu, Fukuyama Masaharu
Oct. 5 (Sat)
Director Pak Junghun and actors of Top Star Pak Junghun, Kim Minjun, Soh Yi-hyun, Uhm Tae-woong
Oct. 5 (Sat)
Action Battle of the Directors: Kim Jeewoon & Ryoo Seungwan Kim Jeewoon,
Ryoo Seungwan
Oct. 7 (Mon)
Director Ha Jungwoo and actors of Fasten Your Seatbelt Ha Jungwoo,
Jung Kyeongho
Oct. 8 (Tue)
Im Kwon-taek and
his actors
Im Kwon-taek, Ahn Seonggi, Jeon Moo-song, Kang Sooyeon, Pak Junghun
Oct. 8 (Tue)
Lee Sangil, Watanabe Ken Lee Sangil, Watanabe Ken

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