September 28, 2013

18th Busan International Film Festival - Meet the Guest: Talk to Talk

The 18th Busan International Film Festival presents the ‘Meet the Guest: Talk to Talk’ event, where guests gather for a stimulating discussion on a particular topic. This event will take place from Friday to Sunday, October 4 – 6 at the Busan Cinema Center’s outdoor BIFF Terrace.

8 Guests to Talk Film in Busan

This year’s ‘Meet the Guest: Talk to Talk’ will be led by 8 guests from around the globe, including director Yamashita Nobuhiro and Maeda Atsuko, who have teamed up together once more for Tamako in Moratorium, following Drudgery Train(2012). Former member of popular Japanese girl group, AKB48, Maeda Atsuko will talk about her beginnings as an idol star and development into an actress.

Actor Christophe Paou will also be in Busan to share the exciting behind-the-scenes story of the Hitchcock-reminiscent man-on-the-run thriller mixed with erotic love scenes, Stranger by the Lake, in which Paou delivers a smooth performance as Michel, who is a homosexual.

Japanese director Sabu and expert producer of horror-films Richard Rubinstein will come together to talk about zombie films from the east and west. The conversation will have a special focus on director Sabu’s Miss Zombie and Richard Rubinstein’s Dawn of the Dead 3-D, which have been invited to this year’s festival.

Albert Serra, winner of the 66th Locarno Film Festival’s Golden Leopard, will be in Busan with Story of My Death. Through this bizarre and erotic film of vampires and other legendary figures, Serra will introduce his unique film-world to audience members.

Also, director Kim Ki-duk will be joined by Pieta assistant director and Godsend director Moon Si-hyun for a ‘Meet the Guest: Talk to Talk’ session, with director Moon’s Godsend selected to screen in the Korean Cinema Today – Vision section. These 8 guests will participate in this year’s ‘Meet the Guest: Talk to Talk’ event to meet audience members through rich and exciting conversations.

Event Schedule
Date/Time Title Guest Location
10.04(Fri) 8 PM  
From Idol into an Actress : YAMASHITA Nobuhiro and MAEDA Atsuko's destined encounter
 MAEDA Atsuko,
 BIFF Terrace
10.05(Sat) 2 PM
Christophe PAOU, Standing at the Forefront of Modern LGBT Cinema
 Christophe PAOU
 10.05(Sat) 4 PM  
Meeting of Eastern & Western Zombie Cinema
10.06(Sun) 3 PM
 Albert SERRA  Albert SERRA
10.06(Sun) 4:30 PM
Making of Film in KIM Ki-duk's Style
 KIM Ki-duk,
MOON Si-hyun

Participating Guests

KIM Ki-duk / Director / Korea
Following his debut in 1996 with Crocodile, Kim Ki-duk has solidified his status as a representative Korean director, often portraying shocking images and a unique thematic consciousness of his own through his films. In 2004, Kim won the Best Director Award at the Berlin International Film Festival for Samaritan Girl and also at the Venice International Film Festival for 3-Iron. Arirang won the Un Certain Regard in 2011 at the Cannes Film Festival and in 2012, Pieta became the first Korean film to receive the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival. Aside from directing, Kim is also an active producer.

MAEDA Atsuko / Actress / Japan
Maeda Atsuko is a former member of the Japanese idol group AKB48, and is currently active as a solo singer and actress. Her filmography includes her debut film, How to Become Myself(2007), What if the Manager of a High School Baseball Team Read Drucker's "Management"?(2011), Yamashita Nobuhiro’s film The Drudgery Train(2012), and Hideo Nakata’s horror film The Complex(2013).

MOON Si-hyun / Director / Korea
Moon Si-hyun gained on-site experience by participating in director Kim Ki-duk’s films Time(2006) and Breath(2007) as a field crew member and as assistant director in Pieta(2012). Her omnibus feature, Love in the Shadows(2009) was invited to the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2009 and her short Karma(2010) was also invited to compete in the Independent Film Festival MADE IN BUSAN. Her debut feature is Home Sweet Home(2011) and her second feature Godsend(2013) has been invited to the Korean Cinema Today – Vision section for this year’s Busan International Film Festival.

Christophe PAOU / Actor / France
Christophe Paou is a French actor who has had roles in numerous films including The Affair of the Necklace(2001) and The Journey to the Pyrenees(2008). He has also appeared in several plays and TV series. He is currently gaining the spotlight for the role of Michel in his recent film Stranger by the Lake(2013).

Richard P. RUBINSTEIN / Producer / USA
Richard Rubinstein is an American film and television producer, who has worked mainly in the science fiction and horror genres. In the 1970s and 1980s he collaborated frequently with horror director George A. Romero, including the seminal 1978 zombie film Dawn of the Dead and the 1984-1988 anthology horror television series Tales from the Darkside. In the 1980s and 1990s Rubinstein produced a substantial number of projects based on the writings of horror novelist Stephen King.

SABU / Director / Japan
Born in Wakayama, writer, director and occasional actor Sabu(Hiroyuki TANAKA) is renowned for his pop kinetic action-comedies. A self-educated filmmaker, Sabu won the NETPAC award at the Berlin Film Festival in 2003. His films as director include D.A.N.G.A.N Runner(1996), Monday(1999), Drive(2001), Blessing Bell(2002), Hard Luck Hero(2003), Hold Up Down(2005), Dead Run(2006) and Kanikosen(2009).

Albert SERRA / Director / Spain
Albert Serra was born in Banyoles, Spain and studied art and literary theory in Barcelona. His typically cryptic, 'dandy neorealist' films include Quixotic/Honor de Cavelleria(2006), Birdsong(2008), El noms de Crist(2010) and a segment in 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero(2011). His film Story of My Death(2013) won the Golden Leopard at the 66th Locarno Film Festival.

YAMASHITA Nobuhiro / Director / Japan
Born in Aichi, Japan, Yamashita Nobuhiro studied filmmaking at the Osaka University of Arts. His first feature film, Hazy Life(1999), was screened at many film festivals including Vancouver, Rotterdam and Hong Kong. His filmography includes No One’s Ark(2002), Ramblers(2003), Linda Linda Linda(2005), The Matsugane Potshot Affair(2006), A Gentle Breeze in the Village(2007), My Back Page(2011), and The Drudgery Train(2012).

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